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Typical scenery on Shetland walks

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Welcome to Shetland Walking Routes

This list of 'free to access' walks in Shetland has been gathered together for you from across the web. Most of these walks are in the form of turn-by-turn walking directions. If you would like to see Walking Routes from another UK county or UK National Park, please visit the Walking Routes home page.

Stay safe and enjoy your Shetland walks.

Shetland Walking Routes

The following links point to pages containing free walk descriptions.....
    Sites covering the County, Regions or Areas...

  1. Bressay (
  2. Northmavine (Community Development Company)
  3. Shetland (
  4. Shetland (Council, Core Paths)
  5. Shetland (Council, Peerie Wanders)
  6. Shetland (Heritage Paths)
  7. Shetland (FellWalk)
  8. Shetland (The Mack Walks)
  9. Shetland (Walk Highlands)

  10. Sites covering Cities, Towns & Villages...

  11. Lerwick (KGQ Hotels)
  12. Mousa (Electric Scotland)
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